Mucho Sacrifico

By Hoverponies Forever

In the books, Tally made 2 big sacrifices over and over again. One is her best friend, her only constant in the turbulent friendships throughout the books.Shay.Shay may have anger issues later on, but she makes a lot of things possible for Tally, like getting to the Smoke,finding Zane, dealing with Peris, becoming special, saving Diego. All Shay-necessary activities. I mean, in Uglies, Tally basically says “OK Dr. C, I will crush my best friend’s dreams to be pretty”. And this comes back to bite her in the butt when she gets mixed up with Maddy and David and ends up turning herself and Shay into pretties. This is another sacrifice Tally makes. Instead of rushing off to special circumstances HQ and resqueing Shay, she goes off to find David, and Shay becomes pretty. Then Tally sacrifices herself, another bad move that results in several broken hearts. In Pretties, Tally sacrifices Shay’s sanity to share the cure with Zane, which ultimately gets him killed. A double-whammy bad move. Now Shay is cutting herself, Zane mind is rotting, and Tally is sitting in the middle of the mess, pleased as punch. In Specials, Shay wants revenge, so Tally ends up as an evil cutter special. Specials sacrifice #1: Shay dumps Tally in the woods to go and find Fausto. Tally again sacrifices Shay’s friendship and follows Zane, which is a bad idea anyway because his brain is dead. And he’s going to die in the end, so she should just abandon him now and get over it. Special Sacrifice#2: Shay again. This time, Shay is trying to help Tally get out of the hospital, but all Tally can do is be mad at Shay for taking the cure.


The second big sacrifice is her self identity. In Uglies, Tally sacrifices her mind to Dr. Cable, who had put sciociety’s brain  on a cutting board and messed with it until she got a bunch of docile imbeciles. She allows this messing around to influence her descisions, and sacrifices her individuality. Also in Uglies, Tally gives up what little sense she has and volunteers to become pretty. This leads her on a downward spiral until she hits rock bottom with Zane. She is just  giving in to her Prettyness when she gives him the pill.Mucho sacrifice-o. In Specials, Tally sacrifices her one chance to have her brain fixed with Fausto. I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, brave and bold, all by myself, yatta, yatta, yatta, etc. I mean, come on. She really missed the boat with that one. She doesn’t want to have anyone re-wiring her brain, but this would have un-re-wired her brain, leaving her the same person she was meant to be all along, except slightly worse for wear. In Extras, this huge sacrifice of sanity from Specials is pointed out, as Tally struggles with who she is. As previously stated, she would not have had a problem with this if she had taken the darned cure. She instead wasted it on Dr. Cable, another huge sacrifice, because it did almost nothing in the long run. She also lost her individuality in Extras when she had the top face rank. Everybody wanted to copy her. And when everyone is you, you are no one at all. Her personality also changed drastically due to this sacrifice. She became moody and violent, struggling with the special side of her brain. If Tally hadn’t sacrificed the cure to give to Dr. Cable, she wouldn’t have that problem. It was pointless anyway, because Dr. Cable disappeared after that. Extras’ plot is slightly slower than the other books because there is no Dr. Cable to spice it up. Tally sacrificed having an interesting life when she cured Dr. C. Tally really likes makes unconscious sacrifices. But that is what makes the books exiting and gives them plot. If Tally hadn’t sacrificed Shay’s vision at the begging of Uglies, there would be no series! I am glad Tally made those mistakes, but her life sure would have been easier if she hadn’t.